The Bird Splat

Yesterday morning as I slept, I was awoken by one large bang! I knew instantly what had happened, having experienced this before. That first bang was in Michigan many years ago when a large bird, say a hawk, flew right into the large living room window.

Bang! I’m still surprised that the window wasn’t shattered. Since I was wide-awake after the loud bang in my bedroom, I popped my head out the door to see if there was a dead or stunned bird laying on the ground which there wasn’t. Good news! Splat

7 thoughts on “The Bird Splat

  1. I can imagine the shock of hearing the impact. Have to admit that the imprint is pretty neat. I had a chimney swift once find its way into a wood stove full of ashes. When I opened the door you can imagine my surprise when a frightened and ash covered swift flew out. He left about 8 perfect ash imprints on the walls before he flew out.

    • Thanks, Timothy, just as the larger bird did back home years ago. There must be an oily substance on the feathers. Just a guess…

  2. I hate it when that happens. That’s why I put things on my windows so they can tell there’s a barrier there. Sometimes I just put a couple of soap streaks on the inside, sometimes a sun catcher, or sometimes (don’t tell anyone) I just don’t wash the windows for a while so the dirt shows there’s a pane.

    • I feel bad for the bird, Anneli! At least it flew away… The window isn’t exactly clean but not filthy either as I wash them off every few months. It’s an odd window, long, thin and high up the wall. 1996 thinking on home designs I guess.

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