Masked At The Bus Stop

Two Las Vegas locals doing the right thing while on public transit. The other photo is me waiting for a southbound left turn and on my way to the dentist’s office for a cleaning. A different experience this time, I had to call the office from outside and be let in.

Then, I had to sign several releases of responsibility, long story short, the dentists are covering their asses in case a client contract’s the virus. Oh, and I had to gargle Hydrogen Peroxide for about thirty seconds per the Clark County dental administration or something like that.

All dentist offices in the city require this now. Still, I had a good checkup!

4 thoughts on “Masked At The Bus Stop

    • It was different for sure! It’s got to be done though, especially my teeth. Last year, my teeth were in bad shape as I had not been to a dentist for way too long. The procedure to remove the gum disease was terrible but needed. Then, I had to have a Bridge installed after having a basically dead tooth pulled surgically. All needed procedures, I go to the dentist every three months now due to having so much work done. Sorry, a bit too much info!

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