When Lightning Strikes

I remember this clearly, the lightning bolt was roughly one mile north of me. The time between the strike and the sound reaching me was nearly instantaneous. Bang, scary! 😂

It struck near Turtlehead Peak.

9 thoughts on “When Lightning Strikes

      • It’s so bogus to quote the odds of getting struck by lightning. One in a million? Yeah, if you live in the Sahara … but if you’re on a golf course in the middle of a storm then the odds are more like 1 in 3,000. Your home has an even better chance (one in 200) so it’s best not to be in the shower, or on the computer when there is lightning.

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        • I totally agree, David, stay out of the shower! Stay away from the windows too, I’ve read about a bolt going through a home at some point before. It’s so rare to see lightning here except in Monsoon season.


    • Wow, that was damn close!! That had to be a flash/bang at the same time. At my old home in Michigan, lightning struck a pine tree about that distance from the house. We were safe, but the tree was literally blown apart!


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