When Lightning Strikes

I remember this clearly, the lightning bolt was roughly one mile north of me. The time between the strike and the sound reaching me was nearly instantaneous. Bang, scary! 😂

It struck near Turtlehead Peak.

9 thoughts on “When Lightning Strikes

  1. Tonight it was like that but passed us and gone… I tried to catch the lightining too.. beautiful photograph. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. From the time you see the lightning flash, count the number of seconds before you hear the sound. Five seconds equals one mile distance.

      • It’s so bogus to quote the odds of getting struck by lightning. One in a million? Yeah, if you live in the Sahara … but if you’re on a golf course in the middle of a storm then the odds are more like 1 in 3,000. Your home has an even better chance (one in 200) so it’s best not to be in the shower, or on the computer when there is lightning.

        • I totally agree, David, stay out of the shower! Stay away from the windows too, I’ve read about a bolt going through a home at some point before. It’s so rare to see lightning here except in Monsoon season.

    • Wow, that was damn close!! That had to be a flash/bang at the same time. At my old home in Michigan, lightning struck a pine tree about that distance from the house. We were safe, but the tree was literally blown apart!

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