Soon To Be Pruned

If you know anything about these Mexican Fan Palms, then you can see straight away that this one is in dire need of a pruning, and very soon! Fortunately, the tree company I’ve hired twice now will be here this coming Monday. Those stalks are what will flower and also drop seeds like crazy! Last year, the employee slapped a tall ladder against the trunk and hauled his chainsaw up there and got to work.

They give both the palms what is called the Ten-Two cut which means the remaining fronds point to both Ten AM and Two PM which looks rather nice! This morning, I snapped a series of photos of both palm trees, that stupid Privet and African Sumac as Before images. I’ll get photos of the work in progress, then photos of the palms afterward. Bye-bye, Sumac! Bye-bye, Privit! Those Deciduous trees suck LOL!!

2 thoughts on “Soon To Be Pruned

    • Not this African Sumac, it’s classified as a weed! In some areas. It drops constantly. The palms are much less trouble as long as they are pruned at this time of year before the seeds grop.

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