Baked Chicken with Macaroni Salad

Today’s lunch was yummy! This chicken breast needed to be cooked soon or it would have gone down the garbage disposal in the sink. I ate the salad right out of the tub since I live alone, just like I chug milk right out of the jug.

My mother always knew when I was doing this when I was a kid. How did she know?

Should the chicken have been cooked on the grille outback, it would have had butter and a bit more seasonings on top but as-is, the flavor was great, and no butter was flaming up inside the Breville countertop oven. My Breville Oven.

My full-size oven under the range top has never been used after more than one year!

6 thoughts on “Baked Chicken with Macaroni Salad

  1. Nice and simple. That’s the same Breville oven we have. If it fits in the Breville it gets cooked in the breville instead of the regular oven around here. In the days when we bought cheap B&D toaster ovens, Laurie had a way of catching things on fire in them. We had one with the under cabinet mount. She got a good fire going in it that was about to catch the cabinets on fire, so she pulled the toaster oven out of the mount, threw it on the floor, and stopped that sucker flat. When I got home from work, a straightened in back out, glued the plastic parts back together and we used it for another couple of years before we finally decided to put some bucks into our first Breville.

    • That’s quite a story, Timothy! I’m glad your home didn’t burn down, wow! Amazing that the oven still worked too. I’ve noticed small flames in the oven when I cooked a steak using the Broil function with the rack all the way up. Not a good idea!

      It’s a fire hazard, hence I usually use the Bake function and the oven has seen tons of use over the last eighteen or so months I’ve lived in this home. The Breville is the best one out there in my view, well worth the extra cost.

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