A few days ago, my next-door neighbors texted me asking if I would like a pizza as they are making them today for a party they are hitting and made one for me, I said sure! OM Gosh!

This pizza oven is wood-fired which I don’t think I’ve ever had. It’s so incredibly delicious! Of course, I had to get the photos as I like to take food photos basically anywhere. By the way, these folks own a mobile pizza business they run from a trailer on weekends. I’m a customer!

9 thoughts on “Pizza!!

    • Thanks, you bet it is! I eat chilim or spaghetti for breakfast sometimes. The pizza is half-gone now!

    • As I have discovered! They did well before the nasty hit us. The owner doesn’t want to wear a mask in front of a 500-degree oven, can’t blame them…

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