8 thoughts on “City View Valley View

  1. John, I sense we are at the beginning of a second wave so just to be prudent, I’m going to begin stocking up on essentials. I do not want to go three months without toilet paper ever again. I feel the only thing that will end this plague is a vaccine. Until then the “new normal” will continue. Oh, and I want China to pay dearly for this. They owe the entire world compensation. They can start by writing off our $1 trillion debt, and returning our jobs and manufacturing.

      • Because there is a spike in new cases across the country, and in China. As the economy reopens, I believe infection rates will rise. I saw very few people wearing masks this weekend. The lockdown was only for the purpose of flattening the curve so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed. Well, they are overwhelmed along the border from San Diego to El Centro. People are being lulled into a false sense of security.

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