Final Approach

Here’s an older photo, perhaps two years ago where I stood directly under the approach path at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas. This is a Regional Jet, or RJ made obvious by the engines mounted aft on the fuselage. These are my favorite aircraft to fly in, small, agile, and need so much less runway than say an Airbus A320. This photo is on a wall in my home.

2 thoughts on “Final Approach

  1. This reminds me of one of the most bizarre lockdown observations I’ve made – when I moved to London I was surprised how many planes there were visible on the sky any time you looked up. Now, whenever I see a plane it feels like an unusual event!

    • I agree, Alphe, the big jets are rare now leaving or heading into McCarran International, but the smaller, private aircraft at a different airport nearby are buzzing with activity.

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