On The Way to The Tire Store

I decided this morning to change the wheels on my five-year-old truck that still has the stock wheels. I’ve thought about this for a while now, why not go for it? Other than the wheels, the truck will always remain completely stock as it has been since day one.

I believe in keeping vehicles as-is from the factory. On the way there, I was stopped at Azure and Centennial Boulevard I think it is, and grabbed this photo. Not for the traffic, more so for the palm trees and beautiful blue sky that we locals enjoy so much.

The payments will end very soon on this near-mint condition vehicle thanks to the mild climate!

7 thoughts on “On The Way to The Tire Store

    • I’m not sure about the interiors, but the paint on some cars and trucks can be burnt off over time as the sun is so strong this far south. I used to ride snowmobiles in that temperature range, even lower many years ago in Michigan, my home state.

    • Sorry, no. Matter of fact, I just got a call from the tire store. The wheels I chose won’t be available for about four months! the man offered me some similar wheels which we both looked at at the same time on the company website. I really like them too, they are chrome. The price is the same, and no need to reschedule the install appointment next week at this point. That’s an issue with OEM parts I guess…

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