8 thoughts on “Brecky!

    • You’ve a good eye, Timothy! The last two times I used the toaster, it burnt the bread a bit too much hence I turned it back a bit. Now it’s a bit too light! Stupid toaster… 😂

      • Are you using a toaster not the Breville? I toast bread in the Breville. It does a wonderful job for me.

        • Good question, I did use the Breville at first but it was rather slow so I purchased a regular toaster.

          • But the Breville gets it right!

            I don’t think we have ever owned a toaster. I remember a friend spent months before his sister’s wedding collecting every broken toaster he could find. He wrapped something like 125 mostly broken toasters and gave them to his sister for wedding presents. I hardly have the patience to wrap one present let alone 125.

            BTW has any of the smoke from the fires in Arizona drifted up your way? The sun was a red ball this morning and I could barely see the mountains because of all the smoke.

            • I might have seen some Smoke Fog over the valley a few days ago, I’ve seen it before from the fires in California.

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