Mr. Bunny Makes a Run For It!

This morning, I was so surprised and happy to see this wonderful little bunny! I was concerned that he or she might get the crunch though by a dumb driver not paying attention. Gladly, this sweet bunny made it across the warm pavement and found shade under a Creosote Bush!

11 thoughts on “Mr. Bunny Makes a Run For It!

  1. What a cute little thing. We have quite a few wild rabbits within the city. When I see them dashing across the roads I always cringe. Glad this bunny got to his destination safely.

    • Hi!! Aren’t they just soooo cute!! I wanna pick it up and hug it LOL!! This one looks like it’s very young.

  2. They’re so sweet — until they get into your garden! I’ve got a tiny one that can squeeze through the stucco wire I have around the garden and the only way I can get him out every day is by watering the veggies vigorously!

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