Under The Mojave Desert Sun

This morning, I headed out of the city for the open desert. I visited the usual favorites and captured around thirty photos. I will start with this nice set with old sol flying high above, and a Joshua Tree directly in front of me. Never touch the end of those tines, you’ll bleed.

I really like how these photos turned out, I didn’t think that the 24-70mm lens could capture photos like this. By the way, I called the camera shop yesterday to inquire about the 70-200mm zoom lens for this newer Nikon Z6 body.

It is on backorder which I am not surprised, but I will pass on the lens as the darn thing will set me back $2600.00. Um, no thanks! If I were a professional photographer, then it would be worth the expense but for we amateurs, the cost is just too high.

12 thoughts on “Under The Mojave Desert Sun

    • Thanks! Just what I’m looking for. I had a 10-20mm macro lens for the old Nikon D3300 which captured sun rays a bit better I think.

    • Thank you! It’s a very different environment from the north country. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ”₯🌡🌴🌞

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