Back To Sunset Park

Today is so gorgeous that I really wanted to get out of the house, so off to Sunset Park again. I took the city streets down there and man what a pain in the ass. Honestly, I’ve never witnessed so much driving ignorance in my life. These dolts take some unbelievable chances with other people’s lives and property. And turn signals? Duuuuhhhhh what is a turn signal?

I took the 215 freeway home, much faster and mostly dolt-free.

Here are the first photos of around sixty that I snapped this morning. The last time I was here, the island had a whole lot more overgrowth on it, it looks so much better now. And you can see the Easter Island statue better too. This place is a waterfowl paradise for the many ducks and other birds that hang out around the manmade pond.

After photographing some wonderful birds, I crossed Sunset Road looking for a few airliner photos on approach to our McCarran International Airport. There were several flights touching down and lifting off which I am happy to see, yet I believe it’s still too risky to fly. I rang my dad in Michigan about flying up there this morning.

He and I are on the same page with flying right now, I think it’s still too risky to make my usual summer journey up to Michigan to visit my family. That really sucks so bad! Chatting on the phone or texting is better than nothing, but you can’t hug your children over the phone! I miss my family so much. It’s a price I’ve paid for staying in Las Vegas after the divorce in 2016.

That said, it was the right choice for me, I love the desert and the city, sans the drivers!

7 thoughts on “Back To Sunset Park

  1. Looks like a great park! I miss all of the amazing central London parks, I haven’t been in the city centre since March.
    I miss my family too, I can’t plan any flights at the moment. Not how I imagined my first year living abroad!

    • Hi Alphe, I feel your pain. I want to visit my family up north, but not until it’s much safer to fly. I’ve seen some of the London parks via other bloggers, they look beautiful. Our Sunset Park is the biggest park in Clark County and has much more in it than the many smaller parks. I go there because of the many birds! 😊

  2. How did they decide to put an Easter Island style statue on this island? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since there is an Egyptian Sphinx and other “ancient” architectural wonders down on the strip.

    • And the Luxor isn’t far away at all! i have no idea why they chose that statue but it looks OK.

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