Desert Wildflowers

I have zero idea what plant this is but they grow wild around the desert. This plant was photographed in Calico Basin the other day. Others were drawn to it too, wondering what the heck is this wonderful flower saying ooooh and ahhhh!

16 thoughts on “Desert Wildflowers

  1. It’s a Datura as Ms Viking, Anneli and David commented. Good advice about not using it in your chili. We have them out here. Some with white flowers some with purply-pink flowers.

    • I agree, Sacred Datura, a poisonous, hallucinogenic species. Used by Native Americans as a medicinal and for induced divination.

    • Oh heck no I won’t!! I had no idea it’s poisonous. Funny you’d mention chili, Anneli, I’m eating some right now! 😊

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