Southwest Arrival

From early today, I was standing under the approach path once again, of the runway at McCarran. This is the first time I’ve used the 24-70mm lens at this location. No big zoom which was a bit odd for me. I always used the big zoom lens on the trusty old Nikon D3300 body at this location. I had company today, a guy was standing in the same general area across Eastern Avenue with his big-body camera too. Hmmm..

A bit later, this image was captured, not the best photo but it works. This is a Southwest Jet just seconds before it’s touchdown. I am glad that some of the businesses have reopened on the Vegas Strip, but is it just a bit too soon?

Let us use Common Sense if there is even a tidbit of it left in our country.

4 thoughts on “Southwest Arrival

    • Good morning, I say that common sense left the States many years ago.

      You can tell on many levels, look at the political situation here today, there are people trying to get into the White House and other government positions that want no less than to shred the Constitution.

      To them I say, leave the country. China, North Korea would love to have them.

    • Great news indeed. I spoke with my dad in Michigan yesterday about taking my usual summer flight up there. We agree that it’s still not safe to do that. Should I contract that virus, I do not! Want to pass it to my family. I miss them all so much…

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