65 Million Years Ago

Those many millions of years ago, these big critters roamed the area. I am grateful that they are not around today! So why was I there? A few days ago, two trees were removed in my backyard as some of you know. I decided that today is the day to find some replacements and fill the empty space in each corner of the backyard.

I have looked into several kinds of palm trees as replacements, absolutely no deciduous trees!

I chose the Sago Palm for the replacements, mainly because they grow very slowly. They are in fifteen-gallon buckets right now and are still at the location I purchased them at, they will be planted June 30th. The cost for everything is less than I expected too which is wonderful! Of course, I will upload photos of the backyard when they are in place.

The Sago palm tree photo is not my work, no copyright inferred.

4 thoughts on “65 Million Years Ago

  1. I’m with Maj & Sher. Get a Triceratops and maybe a velociraptor or two for the back yard.

    • I believe the permits and costs of feeding and damage repair to my home would be a bit prohibitive! 😎😂

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