The Bird Gang

As I approached this small boat launch yesterday, this gang of birds was just coming ashore. By the time I got close, they started being big chickens, walking away from me really fast. I guess they are just big chickens! The little boat ramp is used by the Radio Control Boat racing teams.

6 thoughts on “The Bird Gang

  1. I bet those RC boat races are fun to watch. At the Texas RV Resort we wintered in two years ago the RC car guys took 4 RV sites and built an RC car dirt track, complete with “Press box and judges stand’.I found out later that several of the RV resorts down on the Rio Grande had RC car tracks.

  2. The Gaggle Goose you gang. I understand they leave lots of graffiti on the sidewalks.

    • I call them Shit Factories. When I was a kid in Michigan, we lived on a big lake which had ample geese. I must have stepped in goose shit dozens of times. Nasty! 😂🤭

      • We used to have geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys and guinea hens. We were always slipping in some kind of bird shit.

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