Runway 26L

Just above and to the left of the warning sign is the threshold of runway 26L at McCarran International. I’ve touched down many times on that runway, it’s so interesting to be landing when I look out the window and recognise the roads and sidestreets.

It’s always so nice to be landing back at home but this summer I’ll not likely make the usual jaunt to Michigan because of this damned virus.

I am not a happy camper! I had a nice chat with my dad on the phone this morning for Fathers Day of course, and spoke with my daughter too.

I miss my family so much, but I don’t regret the decision to put down root here in Las Vegas, I’m not so sure that I could handle living in Michigan again after seven years here in the wonderful weather we have. Well, it’s very nice most of the time anyway!

The distant mountains are very much higher than they appear!

8 thoughts on “Runway 26L

  1. That’s the average from May to September — 75° in Taos — but it rarely tops 90° June-August. If it’s 100+ in Las Vegas then Taos is most likely in the 80’s. At almost 7,000′ elevation, winters are cold. The Chihuahuan Desert is mountain high and includes the Sierra Madre at over 12,000′ elevation. (By the way, I loved that Bogart movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre.) Your Spring Mountain comes close at just under 12,000′ elevation (Charleston Peak).

  2. John, what was the deciding factor to move to Las Vegas rather than, say, Phoenix or Tucson? I know you don’t like California, but you would love the Anza-Borrego Desert Park. It is huge, the size of Rhode Island, and covers portions of three counties … San Diego, Riverside and Imperial. If I may share a link to Huell Howser’s fun road trip to the park. I know you’ll find it interesting.

    • Las Vegas was a joint decision with my ex-wife. We wanted to get away from the cold weather in Michigan, she was from Anaheim. I chose to stay, why go back to the cold, dank and dark climate? I never liked Phoenix, never been to Tucson.

          • The high desert of the Mojave actually encompasses Tuscon which is about 400′ higher than Las Vegas. Taos is in the high desert of the Chihuahuan range, and sits about 5,000′ higher. That’s like nosebleed high! Of course, Las Vegas is slightly warmer than Tuscon, but Taos averages only 75°F in the summer. Brrr!

            • 75 in summer? That’s like Michigan summers at times! I knew the High Desert went south a bit, but not that far south! I seriously love the summer weather here and miss the extreme heat when it’s gone. I can’t be outside for too long though. Come autumn, I admit to liking the cooler weather, but it takes a while to acclimate to less than 70 degrees. 🥶

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