A Big Splash of Color!

I am being rather lazy today, really not too enthused about going anywhere so why not pop a splash of color on the blog with some nice old photos of authentic Navajo pottery! Maybe this is because of today’s forecast for 108 degrees? It’s very cool and comfy on my couch… 🥔

19 thoughts on “A Big Splash of Color!

  1. I might have asked this before, but how much does it cost to keep your place cool and comfy over the long, hot summer?

    • I don’t know off-hand, David, but the monthly electric tab can be over $200 dollars. The rest of the year, that cost is far lower even with heating as I live alone. Very much by choice! You don’t like the photos?

      • In fact, my Mother instilled in me a great appreciation for Native American art and culture. My childhood reader was a book on Native Americans. That’s why Mom and Dad made frequent trips to Tuscon and Taos to participate in Native festivals. Your photos actually reminded me of my Mother.

        Growing up, we thought we had Native blood. I didn’t find out until Mom passed that we had none. Her love of Native culture was inherited from her grandmother who lived for a time on a reservation in Kansas.

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