6 thoughts on “Inside Red Rock Casino

      • They were trying to figure out a way to hold it, but our stupid governor would have shut them down whatever they tried, so they decided it would better for everyone concerned to postpone it. About a million people come in from all over the world for the event, doubling the population of Albuquerque during the first week of October every year.

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        • It’s so amazing how one person can feck everything up for the lot! I suppose your governor is Demolish-America-crat? That’s am awful lot of people, wow! The hotels, motels and such must make a killing on lodging!

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          • You are correct on party affiliation. She’s on a power trip trying to keep things locked down, and trying to force people to wear masks, etc. She’s not the brightest. The balloon fiesta has huge economic benefits for Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico.

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            • Wow, and your governor is pushing back as hard as possible. Just like Michiganders who continue to elect Democraps in Lansing. No wonder the economy continues to spiral and the roads never get repaired.


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