The Mandolin Slicer

Some of you will remember a while back I sliced the heck outta my left thumb underneath with a knife while slicing a potato. Smooth move, ex-lax. Hence, I purchased this wonderful Mandolin slicer. I gave it a try yesterday afternoon right after it showed up, thank you, Amazon! It works so well! I’ll give it a try again soon, yummy!

12 thoughts on “The Mandolin Slicer

    • I agree! Using that plastic device assures I’ll keep my diabetic fingers intact! 😂👍🏻

    • That’s what I sliced yesterday, made great french fries and American fries. Tasted great this morning, baked in the Breville oven. Mmm

  1. Looks good anyway you slice it. I predict more photos of fried taters in the near future.

      • Sweet taters, Zucchini, small eggplant would slice nicely on you Madndolater slicer and fry well.

          • What where you thinking about slicing besides taters? You could make a nice sliced salad.

            • Oh yeah, I whip up a simple salad here and there, with onions, black olives, and whatever else handy that may work, when I make chili, I use an entire onion!

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