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From 2017 around Pahrump, Nevada. I was likely heading into California for Death Valley that day. One of those day trips that I do miss taking. So many places to visit… I see a big difference in these Nikon D3300 photos verses the Nikon Z6 mirrorless body. The Z6 is so superior.

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  1. “Use of hand-held cellular device by driver prohibited.”

    Unless, of course, the driver steps out of the car to snap a picture with their iPhone. These are good photos. The one advantage of the D3300 is you have a whole lot more lens choices.

    • Thanks, David! I found out all about lens choices when I purchased the Z6. I reviewed a list of available lenses yesterday actually and was pretty much blown away. The zoom lens is $2600 – Too much. I can afford it, but it makes zero sense to me at that price. I don’t like the limitation.

      • I think I mentioned that there is an adapter (FTZ Mount Adapter) that will fit F- series lenses to the Z6, but it only works with newer lenses built with an Auto-Focus Motor. You can fit the older lenses, but will lose auto-focus. Nikon chose not to build the adapter with an AF-Motor which means that some users will have to upgrade their lenses.

        Tamron and Sigma say they have compatible lenses, but they would require the adapter as well so you could expect some functions of the Z6 will not work. The obvious solution would have been for Nikon to spend a little extra and build the adapter with an AF-Motor. That way you could mount your Nikon lenses to the Z6 body without any issues. Why they chose not to do this is anybody’s guess, but I suspect it’s all about profit as people are forced to spend more money to upgrade their glass. Or am I being too cynical?

        • No, not cynical at all, David. I totally agree! Money money money! I knew the zoom lens was going to be available this June, but wasn’t aware of the cost. The zoom for the D3300 was much less expensive.

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