Pigeon Behaviour

For a good while now, I’ve been watching pigeons flying in and out of the African Sumac trees next door. That is one of the two trees I recently had removed from my backyard. I had just crawled out of bed and had a walk back there like I do many mornings. This morning, the pigeon activity was high, around a dozen birds were trying hard to hang on to the branches, wings flapping madly.

One bird was hanging sideways, it’s left-wing hanging fully extended. Watching closely for several minutes, I notice the birds are madly pecking at something on the tree branches. My best guess is that there are some very delicious buggy morsels the birds are trying so hard to eat. It’s a bit comical to watch them beating those little wings so furiously!

A video would have been nice, but as you can see in the photos, it’s a bit too dark on that side of the tree. I am glad that I don’t have to hang in a tree for my breakfast!

7 thoughts on “Pigeon Behaviour

  1. So may pigeons! I wonder how their brains work, they always move in large groups and always take off at the very same second, like there’s some invisible connection between them all.

    • They are grouped up alright! They fly in squadrons around the neighborhood, land on rooves in groups too. Occasionally, I get a bomb dropped on my furniture back there! 😂💩

  2. what a fun to watch them… I can imagine… beautiful photographs, Thank you dear Jon, Love, nia

  3. What’s fascinating about this tree is that it is related to poison ivy. The tree is poisonous and toxic to humans, but not to birds. Just the leaves could give you an allergic reaction. Many types of birds love the tiny berries and seeds that it produces, and the insects that are attracted to the fruit. What is puzzling is that, in Africa, they use the fruit to make beer.

    • Your a man with knowledge, David! Thanks for explaining this. I had no idea the tree is toxic, I’ve handled the deal and live leaves before with no ill effect. They are an invasive weed to me! But the birds, wow. They are having a feeding frenzy!

    • There were! It’s so weird to watch this behavior. I watched that movie twice recently, such a classic!

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