Yesterday’s Travels

Just a couple snaps, today’s forecast is for 104 degrees or so. I like air conditioning! I am waiting for the electrician to arrive to change all five ceiling fans, the old fans are just that. Old, squeaky and wobbly when they rotate. Blah! A home is a hole into which one pours money!

The bottom photo is at Lake Mead Boulevard and Buffalo Avenue

17 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Travels

  1. A house is never ending with what needs to be done.. my mother in law used to say “money to the devil” But that’s the price we must pay for living surrounded by our own walls and property- and after your apartment nightmares I think you must feel it is worth it!

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    • Hi Phebie, It sure can be, regardless of the very low humidity. Drink a whole lot of water if your going to be outside for an extended period!


    • I agree! My fear is that the entire fan will come down while I’m in bed, in the kitchen or watching the tube. Ouch! And the guy still hasn’t shown up…


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