Flapping For Bugs!

As usual in the morning, I stepped outside to get a feel for the day’s weather. I could already hear the pigeons flapping madly in the neighbor’s tree! I slowly walked into the backyard, making occasional stops hoping to not spook the birds into flying away. I got close enough for this video using the zoom via the iPhone. They are flap happy bug eaters!

14 thoughts on “Flapping For Bugs!

    • Hi Donna, it’s called an African Sumac. I had one removed from my backyard about two weeks ago as they shed all year round which is a nasty mess. The tree is actually classified in some areas as a Weed or a nuisance tree. On Tuesday, I have two Sago Palms going in where the Sumac was, and a Privet tree was. Nasty shedding trees! Nothing but palms on my property. 🌴 The birds are fun to watch as they dangle and flap for breakfast!

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  1. I have never seen this behavior in pigeons, John. I was glad for the video and especially when you zoomed in on the earnest flappy one. Very interesting, and great to have in the neighborhood for bug patrol.

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