Pepper Dog!

OK, I am digging really deep in the archives this morning for these photos. I spoke with my father the other day up in Michigan, just catching up on things with him. Pepper is doing well, gladly, her hindquarters haven’t become more painful for her as she’s a senior dog these days.

Blondie is well to, she’s much younger. I miss these babies! It totally sucks that I can’t make my summer journey home to see my family. It’s so good for the soul to be with those you love so much. A tiny tear comes to my eye…

15 thoughts on “Pepper Dog!

    • She’s always got the scoop on what’s happening. Her bad hip joints don’t slow her down too much.

  1. My dog is currently in quarantine. She nipped at a kid that was harassing her, so the county says I have to keep her locked up for 10 days and then have her inspected by a vet. It could have been worse.

      • No, it was my girlfriend’s niece that we were looking after. She is little and didn’t know better than to not harass the dog. The dog puts up with a lot, but finally had too much. I tried to stop her but I was too late and the dog nipped at her face. So, I gathered her up and took her to the ER, where they file a report with the county and it goes from there. My dog is up to date on rabies and all, but still has to be quarantined at home for 10 days. The girl’s mother is a big time dog-lover and blames her daughter for messing with the dog and considers this a lesson for her. So, there is no real problem there. It wasn’t an attack so much as a nip to say “leave me alone”, but dog teeth are sharp.

        • I see, that’s good news then. No lawsuits – America is Litigation Nation these days, isn’t it? My brain automatically goes to lawsuit mode. Shame on me!

            • When I was a little boy, mother had a Tiny Toy Poodle named Tina. She was a cute little dog but had little tolerance for people taunting her and would snap and bite.


              We also had a Standard Poodle named Kandy. I miss that dog sooo much. So very sweet!

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