Circa 1981

A few days ago I came across this old time radio as I was surfing around the internet. I couldn’t resist buying it from someone on eBay as it’s a radio I wish I’d never sold back in 1981, the radio was produced until 1984.

Compared to today’s technology for devices like this one, it’s a dinosaur but I love the old radio! The photo shows what a mess it was before I took plenty of glass cleaner in a bowl, and probably fifty Q-Tips to it.

I was totally amazed at how well this old radio cleaned up, my guess is someone had it in a dirty garage. The darn thing looks not too far from new now. The receiver does work, but I need to get some Tuner Shower, split the case open and wash off the switches from inside.

Rotating them creates a lot of crackling which wipes out most of what little the radio can hear with just one little telescopic antenna! The tuner is strictly AM, SSB and CW. It receives from 150khz to 30mhz. Your basic shortwave radio frequencies.

More to come on this if I can get it cleaned up and sounding better, I can make a short video

18 thoughts on “Circa 1981

  1. Cool radio – I recognize the Radio Shack brand. We’ve had electronics from them over the years. I hope you can get it to work right.

    • Hi, I am hopeful that a simple washdown will clear things up. I’ve seen this before. Always try the simplest fixes first is something I’ve learned from my radio hobby over the last 20+ years. The analog dial that gives you a rough idea of what frequency you are hearing is out of adjustment. That will be the last item to look at I hope. It’s just a simple barrel with the numbers you see printed on it.

    • Thanks, me too!! I think you guys follow Timothy Price, he posted a link here to Amazon where I can get some Tuner Shower, I think and hope that this will have the switches nice and quiet. Fingers crossed, this radio has sentimental value for me. I tried searching via DuckDuckGo, all it found were those dumb radios people use in the shower.

    • Trust me, Mike, it was built in that time frame or two years after I graduated high school in 1979! I feel old… πŸ˜‚

    • I so much agree, Timothy! I remember the days when they had actual stores, today they have everything online it seems, barely a shadow of what it once was. This radio brings back really good memories of the days when I first became very interested in the radio hobby.

      I’ve been a shortwave listener, and licensed Ham (amateur radio) since the early 1980s. I need a can of tuner shower to clean up the switches too, looking online, all I find are stupid radios you use in the shower, What the hell? I’ll contact the local ham radio store to see if they have any, they will know what the hell I’m talkin g about!

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