The Mahogany Fire

Yesterday, a wildfire started burning in a campground called Mahogany near Mount Charleston. I searched the local news sources again this morning, I couldn’t find any solid information about how much if any containment was happening.

The major problem for the firefighters is the lack of resources, and the very strong winds we’ve had since yesterday with gusts to fifty-five miles per hour. A recipe for disaster. I hope that today the firefighters up there will make some headway in containing the fire.

I would post a link for you, but there aren’t any good choices. I took these photos from my backyard last eve, I am gladly a very long way from the fire, hence the photos aren’t much to look at. Honestly, I don’t like them.

12 thoughts on “The Mahogany Fire

  1. Smoke adds an interesting dimension to photos of the sky. During fire season here, the sun shining through all that looks as if we are standing on an alien planet with an orange sun.

  2. Oh how horrible, John, I so hope the firefighters and responders are able to contain it soon. Your photos are representative of the oddities that a large fire brings to the air.

      • I asked a friend how lives in LV if he was getting smoked out. He said “What fire?” He keeps up with local events about as well as I do.

        • There is no visible smoke as yet today, I was out and about today, saw no smoke anywhere so I assume the wind is pushing it west or something like that.

    • I had the same thought, Anneli. I’m concerned about the possibility of hurricanes slamming our southeast coasts too. It’s all too much. ☹️

      • We used to congratulate ourselves that we never had to live through the big wars, but I think this virus thing is our own version of a war. And of course the other crises just complicate things more. We’re being tested for sure!

        • The riots and protests have got to stop. These people are clueless that what they are doing will never help the situation. So many place the blame on China but I really don’t know the epicenter of this. I am tired of all the chaos on top of chaos, the evil one is laughing with delight.

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