The Sangean ATS-909 World-Band Receiver

I have owned this very nice receiver for a couple years now as it’s a great way to listen to the Shortwave Radio frequencies. It also tunes the standard AM and FM frequencies too.

It’s portable of course and the receiver sensitivity is second to none in its class. And it makes a nice photo too! As a radio nutter and licensed Ham since 1980, I recommend the ATS 909.

5 thoughts on “The Sangean ATS-909 World-Band Receiver

  1. Art Bell, from the Kingdom of Nye, used to sell those on his radio show. I mentioned before that at the end of the regular broadcast (at 2 A.M.), he’d fire up the shortwave, and ham until dawn. As I said before, I can’t believe you never crossed frequencies with him since you were practically neighbors and passionate about radios..

    • I recall you mentioning the guy, never heard of him. Kingdom of Nye, aye? As in Pahrump! I still to this day gawk at radio towers and antenna systems!

      • Exactly! As in Pahrump where Art lived. In the early days, he would drive into Las Vegas and do the show from the studios of KDWN. Later, he bought KNYE and broadcast from the Kingdom of Nye until he sold the station in 2008. At that time, he continued broadcasting from his home studio in Pahrump. On his property was a 5-acre antenna farm. There were towers and satellite dishes that transmitted his program around the world.

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