The Girls

Pepper the Shepard and Blondie are so missed! I actually feel a bit angry that It’s not safe and possible for me (or anyone) to travel to Michigan. I really miss my family and these sweet girls. Sadness once again sets in. On a bright note, all of my ceiling fans are being replaced today, and two Sago Palms are being planted in the backyard. Still a good day!

13 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. same for me too in here… we will miss them who we love them in another cities or in another countries… I am afraid it seems not to be ended… USA news makes me worried… Please be careful dear John, stay safe, half of world really worries… and the other part seems that there is nothing to worry… I can’t understand.
    Blessing and Happiness to your lovely girls and to you ALL, Thank you, Love, nia


  2. Gosh, they look absolutely gorgeous – wonderful dogs, John. We can all only hope for a reunion with family and friends and beloved animals in the not so distant future.
    It’s hot in Las Vegas, eh?

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    • Hi, oh yes, been over 100 frequently. Cooler lately though with 90s and upper 80s. I am so sad about not getting up there this summer! Hope to make it for the family Christmas though. They are wonderful dogs, I threatened my dad I’m going to take them home with me! 🥰😂

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  3. The travel hindrances are definitely a pain. We have family in Ohio, Texas, and State of Washington. It’s hard telling when we’ll be able to see the kids and grandkids again. Waiting to see pics of the new landscaping….

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