The New Sago Palms are Planted!

Today, the nursery I hired showed up right on time to plant the new palms I chose several days ago. They did a great job and took care of the old water lines, taking both locations from four to two ejectors. As a minimalist, I think it looks perfect. Very simple and clean looking backyard.

These trees will grow very slowly, just what I want.

25 thoughts on “The New Sago Palms are Planted!

  1. Bonus that they showed up on time! I am always pleasantly surprised when that happens. It looks perfect in that corner too. 🙂

    • The word also means a place where people grow many things for sale including many different kinds of palm trees. Some words can have different meanings in English.

  2. This is beautiful and found right place… Good luck for your new sago palm… Thank you dear John, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, thank you! I just finished giving them their morning water. They will get more water when the sun goes down and it’s cooler.

      • Yes, watering important especially in this hot days… It is very hot here too today… The roof/attic is being too hot… we didn’t plan to stay in here during summer but we can’t go to the village home too… Two air-conditioners working but still hot…I don’t know what to do… The windows are big… all afternoon sun is here… we try to find solution… Anyway, Thank you, be in cool… and safe. Love, nia

          • Actually we did something but today they all fell down… It is something, are being used for heat isolation in the building construction… I don’t know its name in english and also it is being used for fresh fishes to keep cold with ice… Tonight we will work again. But we left two windows open all others were closed with this equipment. It really worked yesterday, but today because of the hot, they all fell down… we should find a solution now… Thank you so much, Love, nia

    • My neighbor has this palm, it looks exactly as it did 18 months ago. I did my own research on the slowest-growing palm tree before deciding, when in the office at the nursery, the employee agreed. Not just to make the sale, either. They should grow quite slowly as I prefer. The Med Fan out front grows like a weed during the hot summer months.

        • Right, funny thing is that they are not actually a palm tree. They belong to a specie that is actually millions of years old.

          • So I had to look it up and I found out that all parts of this tree are poisonous and pets can easily eat the seeds of the trees and get sick (and probably die). Good thing you don’t have pets. Keep Wilson away from that plant.

            • LOL, Wilson! He’s an internet legend and he will never know it haha! I’ve known for some time that the tree is poisonous, I have no plans for a pet for a few reasons. Today at the other nursery, they had plenty of Sago’s for sale, the poisonous aspect seems to be swept under the rug…

    • Hi Diann, thank you! The last thing I want to do with this property is put a fresh coat of paint on the house, and have the stucco repaired which they will do. i still have biz card from the painter that gave me an estimate last year, but the HOA thing confuses me. We have two in this neighbourhood. Why? I dunno!

    • Thanks so much! This tree will grow very slowly unlike the Mediterranian Fan Palm in between them. There is a mature Med Fan out front of the house. Wilson enjoys the full sunshine treatment most days, he’s seriously into sunbathing!! 😂🌴

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