The Piggy in The Window

Well, today has been a bit busy around my house with five new ceiling fans being installed (looks great) and two Sago Palm trees being planted in the backyard which finishes off my very minimalist design. They look great too! Damn, I’m good. I’ll snap some photos of them.

The Sagos need water every morning and evening for two weeks, then they should be OK with the volume of water they receive from the irrigation system. Always be sure to drain the very hot water from the hose first though as it will doom the trees!!

So how much is that piggy in the window?

5 thoughts on “The Piggy in The Window

    • No, it’s just a wrought iron figure I picked up at an antique shop around town. It was run by two lovely older women that I liked. They told me they were moving, I lost the new address. Bogus…

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