Plantation Shutters

My home has these Plantation Shutters throughout. When I purchased the home, not all of the shutters were in good condition, hence I worked with a reliable company to replace the bad ones. Some of them were torn up by a dog, a great way to treat your home isn’t it?

I mean, it’s just your largest investment, right? I would love to have a cat, but having new furniture in the home, that’s not a good option. This set is in the kitchen, over the sinks.

12 thoughts on “Plantation Shutters

  1. Unfortunately, they will probably change the name of those soon. I wish I had those. Cats can’t ruin them, as easily.

    • Where did you hear that? That’s just more political correctness in play. It’s so vile. I suppose that perhaps soon, you could be arrested for farting in front of other people. PCism is actually a communist ideal, look it up.

      • Rhode Island has dropped the word Plantation from its title, Lady Antebellum is now Lady A, The Dixie Chicks are now The Chicks, There are fights over Mrs Butterworth, and Aunt Jemima. History is being rewritten and it stinks!

  2. I have wanted these for a long time. They look so nice and appear to be easy to clean. Looks great John, nice work!

  3. I love the similar shutters we had installed last summer. They keep the cold out during the winter and the heat and the harsh light in summer and the graphic structure is awesome.

  4. Don’t let BLM folks know you have Plantation Shutters. They’ll be asking you to pay reparations. That’s like child support for children you never had just because your shutters are not woke, and politically incorrect.

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