The New Ceiling Fans

Yesterday, the electrician spent about four hours swapping out all five of the crappy old fans for these new, DC brushless motor fans. Very quiet, and far more stylish than the noisy old wooden five-blade fans. They have three blades and are shaped like an aircraft propeller.

Before the install. I handled one blade, noting it’s curvatures. Somebody got the blade design correct. I also happen to be a lover of anything aircraft, hence I wanted this blade style. The fans do the same job as the old fans, but far more quietly and with less rotation speed.

4 thoughts on “The New Ceiling Fans

    • Yes indeed, I’ve enjoyed the quietness of them so far. And the fact that I no longer have three white fans, and two bronze fans. Even this older bachelor can do better home design than that!

    • Thanks! I am very happy with the new fans all through the home, and they are all the same too. No more fruit salad styling. I didn’t want to turn them off, it might get too warm to set on the leather couch! 🤪

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