Kitchen Things

Chalk it up to boredom but I take photos of almost anything when I’m that bored. The big excitement today is a diabetic eye exam this morning. And that the high temperature will be 104 degrees. Las Vegas will have 100+ degree temperatures for the next five days according to The Weather Channel. Do you like your days hot? Then come on down for a visit!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Things

  1. Hope the eye exam goes well,John. Really like that old cast iron stove lid remover in the last photo. (Just got back from the Post Office. It’s on the way to your Las Vegas home.)

    • Thanks, memories of Michigan in the 1960s. My mail service told me it was shipped, thanks! I’ll find a good place for it in my desert home. 😎

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I expect no bad news as I control the diabetes well with medication. My AC just popped on. It was a bit warm when I was watering the plants and trees outback a bit ago.

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