On My Way to The Eye Doctor

Here are eight photos taken today heading for the doctor office, I am glad that the doctor found zero indications of Macular Degeneration or burst and popping blood vessels. Thanks be to my very diligent taking of medications and diet. I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky today, the temperature at my home is ninety-eight degrees. Not too bad, another great day in the valley.

10 thoughts on “On My Way to The Eye Doctor

  1. At first, I read “Thanks be to my very diligent taking of medications and diet, I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky today…” And for an instant, I thought “wait a minute!” But then I noticed you had the correct punctuation and your diligence was referring to NOT having bloody degenerate eyesight, instead of NOT seeing a cloud in the sky. That’s great your eyes are doing well. All the better to see blue skies with.

    • Sorry about my grammar, it’s a mess sometimes! The old eyeballs will continue working a bit longer haha!

    • Hi Jet, thank you! I usually have this exam twice per year because of diabetes, each visit has been two thumbs up. It’s weird though because your temperature is checked at the door, and you may not enter without a mask. Good idea!

  2. So glad you got a good report, John! Good news indeed!!! We are on day four of a seven day heat wave of 90 +. With humidity at 65 to 70%, the weather guys show the “muggy meter” pegged. We are not used to this many days in a row of 90+.

    • Thanks! It pays handsomely to take your meds as directed. The humidity is the major factor that makes it so tough to deal with. It’s 98 degrees just now, but the humidity is just 17%. I hope your AC is running well, guys! Michigan summers are the same way with the thick humidity.

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