Star Shots

These are admittedly not good photos, but I don’t do night photography. There have been zero clouds at sunset the last few days, hence no new sunsets. I have zero plans for the upcoming holiday, do you? This holiday will be very different for many Americans. Myself? No difference really but there will be no trips to Michigan this summer either. John is not a happy camper…

10 thoughts on “Star Shots

  1. The photos look bright and happy to me John. No travel plans at all this year. We will do some day trips and I am hoping to get to Saskatchewan, one province east, to visit my mom by late summer or fall. I’ll be driving the 8 hours.

    • It’s terrible that we can’t visit! I am so sad, missing my summer family visits. 8 hours isn’t too long a drive. The photos are OK but I’m not set up for night photography. Be safe!

  2. You got a few stars above that tree. I finished an art guitar this afternoon after I got home from work. I’ve got a couple more I’m working on. A friend is moving to New York. He’s coming out tomorrow to give me some stuff and say good bye. On the 4th, we are going to BBQ ribs and take them to Laurie’s parents’ house.

      • It’s a guitar with artwork on it. This one has a painting by Tiffany Arp-Daleo. I working another Train Tele, and a couple that will have Resa’s One-Eyed beauties.

  3. Those are fine photos, John! July 4th we will be home on the farm, as we are most years. Some of the neighbors will shoot fireworks. We’ll be working at or on something or another. Always plenty to do here! 🙂

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