I took a quick jaunt around the area to get the heck out of the house for a while today. Had a nice chat with my dad while parked in this little park. I feel a bit childless like this playground regarding the damned virus. I so want to see my children and the rest of my family but it’s not possible. The fence around the playground is like the virus, a fence that keeps families apart.

A sad sight

17 thoughts on “Childless

  1. Yes it’s true enough. I miss my kids & grandkids too. Would have gone to Tampa to see them last weekend if it weren’t for the virus. 🙁

    • At least it’s drivable for you, Michigan is a bit too long a drive, add to this the risks. Nope.

  2. I hear that.. feel that. Hang in there. I’m discovering the joy of FaceTime or Skype more and more. It’s not the same but … I’ll take it! 🌟😔🌟

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