Good Morning From the Backyard!

Today’s forecast is for total sunshine and one hundred four scorching degrees. Regardless, it’s another beautiful day in Las Vegas Valley. I hope each of my American friends are having a beautiful day, stay safe and be well!

11 thoughts on “Good Morning From the Backyard!

    • Yep, he’s hunkered down under the Sago palm. I stay inside mostly but like to spend a few minutes in the backyard through the day, so nice. Contemplating a short drive, get out of the house for a while even if it’s half an hour…

      • It will be 95° today so with 75% humidity we will stay in the AC. Even in the shade in the backyard it is just too miserable outside.

        • That darn humidity! A good idea to stay indoors, guys. I remember it having grown up in Michigan, current humidity in my house is a whoopping 17% !!

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