Late yesterday, I finally received the can of tuner shower for use on the dusty old tuning knobs of this thirty-nine-year-old shortwave radio receiver.

After letting the can cool down from its time in transit, I went to work splitting the case to expose the backside of the front panel which houses the areas I need to spray.

After several sprays, the noise from the switches did calm down almost one hundred percent but there is still a bit of noise. Sometime today, I will do a bit more spraying then find a piece of wire to attach to the antenna jack on the back of the unit.

I hope to hear something this time! If not, then the radio will become an oversize paperweight. Bummer!

4 thoughts on “Guts

  1. WOW! My Love makes printed circuit boards… I can’t believe all these little things how make a big jobs… Beautiful photographs, Thank you, Love, nia

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