4 thoughts on “Rusting Away in The Desert Sun

  1. It”s beautiful. Albuquerque had a locomotive in a park between 3rd and 4th streets by I-40 for years. A group of enthusiasts bought it moved it to a side railing in the old Sawmill area and restored it. It runs now, but getting time scheduled on the tracks around here is very difficult.

    • That’s wonderful! That’s what happened in my hometown many years ago. The cars are currently being repainted by pros this time, the city and the rail fans both paid for the restoration. Myself and the gang back in the 90s painted them last time. 😎

    • I agree! Through the 90s, I was a serious train spotter back up north. There aren’t any locations for this around here but I may be very wrong. The only tracks are east of me and run north south.

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