A Crusty Drink

I am not sure, but I think the white crust is Calcium of some kind that is dried all over the stainless steel. The same crap that creates the “bathtub ring” at Hoover Dam as the canyon walls are extremely steep near the dam, and the water level is very low.

This is why I never drink the tap water here! The water is fine for showering and washing clothes, but never drink the Colorado River water. The water smells like chlorine added by the city anyway, just as it did when I lived in Dunedin, Florida during the 1990s.

I have tried the filtres that screw onto the kitchen tap, they never seem to last and don’t taste as good as the costly bottled water, hence I buy the expensive bottled water. In my defense, the bottled water is far more portable, and my bottom two drawers in the refrigerator are always stocked with super cold, delicious water always ready to go!

Black and white on top, grayscale below.

10 thoughts on “A Crusty Drink

  1. Our city water also smells like a swimming pool and tastes worse. The water is very hard, and the faucets and shower head require a good vinegar soaking occasionally to get the white lime deposits dissolved. We have good look with the Brita water filter/pitchers for our drinking water, coffee and tea and lemonade.

  2. In your place, I would do the same. Even here on Vancouver Island where we have good water, I could never drink the chlorinated water. We’ve been on (very deep) well water for as long as I can remember, and I can smell the chlorine in the town tap water as soon as I turn on the tap.When I’m not at home to drink my good well water, I use bottled water.

    • Well water, a totally rural Michigan thing! My last well was around 200 feet deep. The chlorine isn’t a bad idea though, best way to control the bacteria, just avoid drinking that stuff, yuck!! It’s nice that you have different faucets for both water sources. 👍🏻

      • No, I don’t have different faucets. I guess I didn’t explain that right. We are in the rural parts outside of town. What I meant was that when I’m in town, like at a friend’s place or in a restaurant, I can smell the chlorine in the water. 200 feet is good. Ours is 228, so about the same.

        • I see, sorry Anneli. the problem with the water at the old place back home was the high amount of rust in the water. The cricks were very rusty too. I’d swim in them anyway but they left you feeling kind of sticky!

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