Crappy Fireworks Photos

It wasn’t worth the effort last night to try for better photos… It sounded like a damn war zone in the backyard too. I’m glad that’s over with for another year, although there will be a few explosions today and tonight. I sent an email to my HOA folks about my same neighbors three doors down once again lighting fireworks in our neighborhood, it’s illegal. Morons!

14 thoughts on “Crappy Fireworks Photos

  1. There’s an App where you can report Illegal Fireworks here anonymously. I used it last night due to some questionable ones here. I am extra wary living in a mobile home so close to my neighbors.

  2. We had a couple of neighbors shoot fireworks last night, but it is legal here. My main worry is fire season. Fortunately it is not tinderbox dry here yet.

    • That’s so good that it’s not terribly dry yet. It sure has been here, and the wildfire on the mountain nearby is slowly being extinguished! I was worried about sparks falling on my home. Grrr!

  3. I suppose it’s the (festive) thought that counts when they do these fireworks displays, but it isn’t something the average citizen should be trying to do.

    • Did you read Roadtirement’s comment?

      A hand was lost, and fingers were blown off in Indiana. Should they really be legal?

      However, it’s the right of each hand owner to decide whether or not they want to keep the digits…

  4. Look like typical “neighborhood” fireworks. Decent photos. Fireworks are legal in Indiana, we have heard them for the last week. There are at least five places in town where you could buy them. Indianapolis TV reported this morning that one 34 year old man lost a hand, and a 20 year old woman lost fingers. She thought the thing she lit in her hand was a smoke bomb. Wrong, it was a cherry bomb. Not too bright…

    • Wow. That’s so sad, a life-long disability earned in one unguarded moment. Makes one wonder if they should be legal anywhere because of this. There are fireworks stands everywhere here. The other day I stopped at a 7-11 store where a stand was set up. On the way out, mask on my face, I told them thank you for taking up so much parking space. One girl had a snide remark to which I gave her the thumb on my nose sign. Basically saying piss off. I can be a bit opinionated…

  5. That’s more than I got this year. I usually photograph the big show the city puts on across the river from us. I photographed the moon since there was no big show.

    • I see, I suppose Las Vegas also cancelled their show, but the locals sure didn’t!! Wow…

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