Propeller Blades and Washes

Old and new photos here. The Wash photo was taken about two or three years ago in a wash that ran behind my apartment complex. It was a very nice place to ride my bike, there isn’t anything like this near my house. Note how beautifully groomed the wash is! It gets plenty of use by the public, and runs for a very long way too. There is also a Disc Golf course too.

The ceiling fan is new, the other four are all alike which looks so much better than three white five-blade fans, and two bronze five-blade fans. They also each have their own remote controls which is really nice. Money well spent on a nice home upgrade!

4 thoughts on “Propeller Blades and Washes

  1. I would love to ride my bike there. John, can you compare the cost of renting with owning a home plus all the maintenance and upgrades you’ve done? I’m still trying to crunch the numbers.

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