Signs Around The City

Here are some oldie pics from around Las Vegas, I think the old Nikon D3300 was used here. Lots of tourists are lined up for a photo op in front of that sign which I find a bit funny. The photo of the base of the Stratosphere Tower was taken at Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard. The goofy flooring sign is somewhere along Sahara Avenue I think? It’s a big city!

14 thoughts on “Signs Around The City

  1. I remember when I had my picture at the sign after we got married. Now, I have to do it again sometime while still Single. ReSingle?

    • My advice – stay single! i say that because I never should have married, always feelm so trapped when married, no thanks! Single life is good!

      • Thanks for the Unwanted advice. Lol. I really don’t want to die being Single. It gets lonely being alone. To each his or her own.

        • I never mean to offend my followers, apologies. I do hope you will find Mr. Right, or he will find you! I’m just a bitter older guy with three divorces behind him. I’d love to have a gal friend but there will never be a marriage! 🤪

    • As best I know, the tourists take their own photos but a pro photographer could be hired. Another toasty day underway here with 102F and 18% humidity. I believe Vegas is two hours behind you guys, we are in the Pacific time zone.

      • We are in the Eastern time zone so we’re 3 hours behind you. Today we’re 95F with 72% humidity. We still have 3 or 4 more hot and muggy days to go through. Yuck…

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