4 thoughts on “July Fourth, 2020

  1. There seemed to be an unusually large amount of illegal fireworks exploding in the neighborhood this year. For pets (and some people like me) the unexpected bang is very disturbing, and can cause extreme distress. Of course, people who explode ILLEGAL fireworks don’t give a “bleep” about the indoor neighbors and their pets who are subjected to the ear-splitting shockwave of cherry bombs and M-80’s being detonated just outside their door. People with PTSD are seriously harmed, but the scofflaws can’t be concerned because, after all, they’re just having some “innocent” holiday fun. At least, and until, they lose a hand or eye … or start a fire.

    • I’m sorry you have difficulty with this, Dave, it’s bullshit. For people, pets, and guys like me who get angry with neighbours who blow them off in this HOA, it’s illegal! I’ve already emailed the HOA as I did last year. Morons! I wish the state would outlaw them… A follower, Roadtirement, mentioned that in his state, a woman lost fingers, a man lost his hand. Idiots.

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