Two Days of Desert Heat

This week, Las Vegas is going to get scorched as the mid and late-week temperatures will push up to 112 to 114 degrees. Gladly, I had the HVAC tech have a look at my cooling systems yesterday. It’s a very old system, maybe as old or almost as old as this home which was built in 1996 but it’s still ticking along just like me! Could you live in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert?

And here is the forecast for the next several days!

15 thoughts on “Two Days of Desert Heat

    • Wow, that sounds nice, so cool!

      Today, Las Vegas will see 107, we will see 113 Saturday, Sunday and Monday according to the current forecast.

      I’ve lived here seven years now, have seen this much heat in the valley just once before I think! 🔥🌵🌵🌴

  1. I don’t like hot days… probably I can’t live in there… But it is really interesting, human body gets used to live after some days… In here today we are waiting for some rain… I hope. Thank you dear John, stay indoors and in cool. Love, nia

    • Oh heck no, I have never been a fan of, or ever liked, the metric system.

      I think of the States as being English at our core, we should always stand by the Imperial or English system. 🇬🇧

      • Well, we have our own system separate from the imperial system and it is actually confusing as there are different definitions for the same units. We also use a lot of metric units to go with the US system. A confusing mess, really. Not even the British really use it any more.

        I am an engineer and I want everything in metric. I often have projects with some measurements in metric and others in US units. Very frustrating.

    • It’s bloody hot! I just added some iPhone photos from The Weather Channel showing the extended forecast. 🔥🌵🌴

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