Wilson Meets the Money Man

If you are a regular visitor to my humble blog, then you are familiar with Wilson, the world-famous Desert Tortoise. It seems only natural the these two should get together, but money man as I call him has the better deal.

Wilson, the poor little dude must endure the summer heat and whatever else the desert weather throws at him. He’s some kind of plastic, money man is cast iron and will become as hot as a firecracker in my backyard!

Photo one is a bit fuzzy as I couldn’t kneel or lay down on the faux grass to focus the Nikon, it’s really freaking hot!! Whoda thunk it could get so hot! It’s only 104 right now…

18 thoughts on “Wilson Meets the Money Man

  1. How joyful meeting… I loved them both… to be honest I would like to see more something like that in your backyard… Like a big story gallery… Loved it. Thank you dear John, have a nice and cool day, Love, nia

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    • Hi Nia! I’m glad you like my little backyard, I enjoy my time back there, just finished watering the new palms, I think one of them is not going to make it. It will be 104 today, 111 this Sunday and Monday. Super hot here in the desert! Be well and safe my friend. ❤️

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