Communications Circuits

I suppose you may find these photos a bit odd or funny and that’s OK. I take photos of these large towers once in a while because of my interest in Ham Radio, or Amateur Radio. I’ve been licensed since about 1980.

This tower has a lot of empty bays, those vertical pipes at the end of the Halo which protrudes horizontally away from the tower. An antenna and its feedline will attach to the halo.

Apparently, the owner or owners of this large tower installation are losing a bit of money each month as many times, the space rental is monthly. I used to have a repeater many years ago in Michigan which served the ham radio community, which was installed on a commercial tower, not a private installation.

So it’s safe to say that I am a bonified two-way radio nutter! I still own several ham radios and have a mini station set up inside the house as the HOA doesn’t allow external towers or appendages on the structure of the home. Poo poo!

These and other towers make your phone work so don’t complain about them!