Revisiting The Nursery Today

I have become increasingly concerned about the larger Sago Palm that was planted several days ago as it’s color has changed sharply. This morning, I took a couple iPhone photos of them both and headed back to the nursery where I purchased them.

The very nice lady that greeted me in the office is also a worker among the many plants and trees there (there must be thousands) around the property. I showed her the photos, and to my relief, she said the trees are doing fine.

The reason they fronds are changing color is heat stress from the walls on two sides of it, and shock from being pulled from the fifteen-gallon bucket it lived in for a long time. I have watered the trees as prescribed so I haven’t apparently killed them. Yet!

I am going to mix up some Moon Juice as they call it to fertilise them a bit at the woman’s suggestion. The name of the company is Moon Valley, hence the fun name of the fertiliser. Let’s see how this goes! Nobody wants dead palm trees in the backyard…

9 thoughts on “Revisiting The Nursery Today

    • I hope so, I just added the Moon Juice, five tablespoons to one gallon. Used the sprinkle can which has a Pour nozzle too. Simple! It’ll take until tomorrow I suppose to see any difference. 100 right now.

  1. Yes, it must have been very stressful on the trees. That would have been my guess. It’s amazing that they are adapted to survive in that heat.

    • Technically, Sagos are not true palms but they apparently respond well to fertilisers. I just added some MNoon Juice to them via a sprinkle can which also has a Pour nozzle, so easy. Now I wait and see.

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